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Bohollow provides reliable 24 hour rescue of all native wildlife.

Consisting of two registered voluntary wildlife shelters, each privately owned and operated by experienced wildlife carers, we are skilled in all areas of wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and release.

We understand that finding injured or orphaned wildlife can often be a stressful experience for people, especially if the animal is severely injured. Likewise, it is obviously a high stress time for the animal involved so we believe environmental/wildlife education and awareness is an important aspect of Bohollow's work. We provide information on how to minimise stress to wildlife if you do find an animal in trouble and what you can do to help until we get there or until it can be taken to one of our shelters.



We wish for this website to provide a connection for you to our Wildlife Caring World. A place where we can share our stories, the highs and the lows and to assist you to help our wildlife when they are in need.

Through education and preservation of our native wildlife and their natural habitat, we at Bohollow strive to help make our world a better place for everyone, including generations to come.

Welcome to Bohollow.....











All Victorian Wildlife Shelter Operators are voluntary and required by law to hold a Wildlife Shelter Permit authorised by Victorian Department of Environment and Primary Industries (D.E.P.I.) and adhere to strict laws and codes of practice.

We receive no government funding or assistance.

The costs of operating our 24 hour rescue service and our two Bohollow Wildlife Shelters is extremely high. Each shelter alone, every year, may cost in excess of $20,000. Expenses include fuel for rescue, rescue materials/tools, veterinary, wildlife feeding and housing requirements. All costs are provided by our shelter operators and wildlife carers, Deb Fowler and Kirsty Ramadan. If you would like to help fund our native wildlife rescue and care, you can donate through this site by secure means provided or alternatively, our account details are below. 


Bohollow Wildlife Shelter Inc
ABN 38 288 223 829
BSB 013-805
Acc number 1894-36536

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