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Healthy Habitat

Kirsty Ramadan May 2015


Our work here at Bohollow predominantly involves the rescue and rehabilitation of our native wildlife, but another aspect of our work is just as important, preserving vital habitat. Australia has such a wide variety of habitat systems which in turn gives us the amazing diversity of plants and critters which live here.


From arid desert, to lush tropical rainforest, to seasonal wet/dry woodlands and grasslands, we are extremely lucky to have such a unique mixture of habitat.... 

Pizza Oven Babes

Kirsty Ramadan August 2015


The main breeding season for most of our native birds is just around the corner, with courting and nest building already underway in some species and areas of Northern Victoria. The story of the Pizza Oven Kookaburras highlights the importance of adequate nesting hollows for many species.


Last year in November, I was called out to three freshly hatched Laughing Kookaburra chicks who had hatched in an unusual place....

A Special Rescue

Kirsty Ramadan February 2015


In November, 2014, I received a long distance phone call from another state in which I was asked to help with an unusual and urgent rescue.


With the help of dear friend and veterinarian, Dr Jude Mulholland, I was able to help and be part of a wonderful rescue story and get to know yet another magical critter....

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