Bohollow WIldlife Shelter, Bunbartha

Our Bunbartha shelter is privately owned and operated by Kirsty Ramadan. Kirsty specialises in birds, bats, reptiles and echidnas. The shelter facilities accommodate all of these species and is particularly designed to rehabilitate birds of prey.

Kirsty has operated her shelter for twenty years and is experienced in active wildlife rescue, rehabilitation, release, injury assessment and veterinary treatment of native wildlife. Kirsty is an experienced raptor handler/rehabilitator and is also experienced in handling venomous snakes and large monitors (Goannas). 

Kirsty worked closely for many years with avian veterinarian and mentor, Dr Doug Black, in native wildlife assessment and treatment, gaining invaluable veterinary experience and knowledge, particulary with avian species.

Kirsty spent the entirety of her childhood in the small rural area of Bunbartha, Northern Victoria. Residing near Loch Garry State Forest and the Goulburn River, most of her time was spent exploring bushland on horseback and from an early age had an affinity and fascination for all animals and the natural environment around her.

Kirsty moved to Kyabram area which is where her true wildlife work and Bohollow Wildlife Shelter was born.

The shelter was operated from her home on Kyabram farmland for 14 years until moving back to her family home in 2006 where Bohollow now exists.

The shelter has continued to grow in the endless pursuit of upgrading and expanding facilities to continue improving rehabilitation enclosures and to meet the ever increasing numbers of injured and orphaned wildlife which pass through the shelter.


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