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Kangarooo Shooting at Bohollow Property

Kirsty Ramadan July 2014


Thursday 30th July, a sad day for Bohollow.

I was informed by one of the neighbours of our release property that morning that the gates were wide open and he was just checking up to make sure I had opened them and was out there. I assured him that no one should be there and he kindly offered to go over and check it out as I live 50 minutes away.

Daryl rang me back a short time later and to my dismay, the news was all bad....

Wombat rescue
Wombat Rescue and Relocation

Kirsty Ramadan July 2014



On Sunday 27th July, I received a call for a wombat which had been bailed up all night in a shed by dogs at a private residence.

I immediately rang Deb to fill her in on the details and we arranged to go out on the rescue together as we do not get many wombat calls.

I was told by the bloke who called for assistance that the wombat was not fully grown and about a foot long...

Pelican Shooting in Nathalia

Kirsty Ramadan July 2014


On Sunday 20th July, I received an urgent call to attend the rescue of an injured pelican on the Broken Creek, Nathalia. The information I was given was that it was a 'drive by shooting' of a small group of pelicans which were resting on logs in the centre of the creek. The shooting was witnessed by people living beside the creek in a house direct opposite to where the crime took place.


I was on the road within 5 minutes of receiving the call out......  

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