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History of Bohollow WIldlife Shelter Inc.

Deb and Kirsty met each other through their separate wildlife work and over the years a close, solid friendship developed. They found each shelter complimented the other in the fact that they each specialised in totally different species, so naturally depended on each other for advice and help, ensuring wildlife species were housed and rehabilitated correctly at the appropriate shelter to accommodate their particular needs.

After already pooling their resources to assist each other as friends and fellow wildlife carers, discussing it for a number of years, Deb and Kirsty decided to officially join forces and become registered as a non-profit charity, Bohollow Wildlife Shelter Inc.

Although each shelter remains privately owned and operated, this means donations made to Bohollow are utilised by both Bohollow shelters and are legally accounted for. This allows people to be confident their donation or ongoing sponsorship is directly contributing to the work of Bohollow and helping to save our wildlife.

Our vision for Bohollow is to continue providing a reliable 24 hour rescue service, continue to expand and improve our shelter facilities, to stay at the forefront of veterinary techniques and rehabilitation methods as well as continuing to provide important environmental, conservation and wildlife education and awareness to our communities.

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